Do I Intimidate Men?

Let’s go over the facts: You’re attractive, book and street smart, you make people laugh and all of your friends love hanging out with you. Men have no issue being with you at parties, or hooking up with you, but you rarely go on dates and all relationship prospects sort of fizzle out. Why the fuck are you still single? The answer is quite simple: You’re not the kind of girl 99% of men like.

“Woah, WHAT?! Hold on a second Aisling. You just described a virtually perfect woman in the first paragraph and now you tell me men don’t want that?!” Yes, that is precisely what I am telling you, but that doesn’t mean you should change any single aspect of yourself, I just want you to understand why.

When my dad was in college he sat down with my grandfather and in a moment of candor, confessed that he was rarely attracted to the most beautiful girls in his classes. To which my grandfather, in the most refined and polite manner he could, replied “that’s because you don’t have the balls to ask them out”. Ladies and gentlemen, the wisest words spoken in 1989.

Nowadays, I would switch the word “balls” for “self esteem”. Even the smartest and handsomest of men harbor a myriad of insecurities which they cannot help but remember when they see a beauty with a brain, because they know that upon the slightest provocation, a feisty reply is sure to follow. Being with this type of woman isn’t easy, so men tend to go for the pretty girls with less personality. It’s that simple.

What to do about it?

  1. Don’t give a fuck. 99% of men might not be into you for a serious relationship, but you don’t have to be with 99% of them, just one.
  2. Make the first move. You might not like doing it, but sometimes it is necessary.
  3. Make sure your friends know that although some women might be scary and intimidating, they are always the most rewarding to be around.

Let’s be fair.

Aisling A.


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