3 days, 3 quotes, day 2

Ok, so the tag says 3 days, but it didn’t specify if that meant 3 days in a row. Truth is, I’ve been waiting until I felt like I was in a better state of mind to post. Depression-laced updates make for extremely sentimental reading but I try to generally keep a positive outlook on this blog.

Thou hast overcome thyself: but why doth thou show thyself to me only as the overcome one? I want to see the victorious one: cast roses into the abyss and speak: “Here [are] my thanks to the beast, for the fact that it did not know how to devour me!” -Friedrich Nietzsche

All political argumentation about the moral contributions of Nietzsche aside, I think this quote can speak to everyone. I know many of you reading this have struggled with mental illness, and everyone reading this has their own beast inside. But remember this, you are not the beast, you are the person who despite the beast, can boast a 100% survival rate.

Hope you’re all having a lovely day! Love you bunches.


Nominees: Open! Tell me a favorite quote of yours.