Self Care and I how I found Happiness

I lied. Happiness is not something to be found. Happiness is the shimmery ray of light that you exhale whenever sea foam touches your feet, or when you drink a hot beverage as the world thunders and pours outside your walls. Happiness is feeling like a sexy motherfucker inside your own imperfect skin, orĀ sitting below sunshine.

My life right now seems pretty damn good. I’m at the high point of the emotional roller coaster, breathing in life, crushing the negativity. And yet I find that my life is not too different from when I started this blog. Back then, I felt like I had hit a concrete wall, and the blood inside me had gone cold. I’m still quite anxious, boyfriend-less, and trying to sort out my family problems. What changed?

I did. I changed. And here’s how you can change too:

  1. Gratitude

Have you ever noticed how many amazing, smile-inducing things there are in your life? Keep a journal where you consistently write what you are grateful for. Here are a few of mine: I am grateful for…

  • The smell of popcorn
  • Being able to give advice to a friend
  • Warm and sweet cappuccinos on rainy days
  • Opening a new packet of contacts
  • Crunchy apples in February
  • My growing faith in God
  • The memory of snow
  • My tired eyes, and the fact that they remind me that my days are productive
  • The guy who offered to pay for my coffee without expecting anything in return

And the one I keep going back to:

  • Even though I find it unbearably hard to be grateful today, I am grateful because today must have been many people’s best day of their lives. Here’s to hoping I have one of those smile-filled days soon.
  1. Self Care

Sometimes you just need to chill and be an unproductive sloth. Take a bubble bath or a warm shower, go get a massage or a manicure. Treat yourself to a huge dessert.

Work out, no excuses. Search the internet for something that works for you, commit to a 30 day plan and stick it out.

I wish you fairness and happiness.